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The Mourning Sickness
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The Mourning Lyrics Page
(All music and lyrics © copyright protected)

Here are the lyrics.  Don't see the lyric you want?  Email us and we will gladly send you a lyric sheet.


Show Girls of Magic Prime Rib

Show Girls of Magic Prime Rib [MS-0002]

Gender Trouble The Ballad of a Chief Executive Officer
One Eighty Seven Blood and Pain
Can Not You See Arnold Bloodmoney
Dull Eyes Jesus Fish
Picnic Did You Get A Job?
Die Blinkey
  Sludge Blanket



Show Girls of Magic Prime Rib

Good Mourning America [MS-0003]

1. Skinhead Ate 9. Lake Okeechobee Reprise
2. Consummation Row 10. Hanging On The Wall
3. The Ancient Art 11. My Altered Dad Lay In Bondage
4. More Is More 12. Betty
5. Draino 13. T.I.N.A.D.S.
6. Lake Okeechobee 14. ...And God Fornicates Gladly
7. Make It Glow 15. Die, Jr.
8. Lonesome Worried Man 16. The Universal Brotherhood


Show Girls of Magic Prime Rib

A Daydream on Oak Street [MS-0005]

1. The Show 7. Chester Gets a Rivet
2. Rubble 8. Men Without Faces (If Only)
3. T. I. N. A. D. S. Reprise 9. Burt
4. Journey to the Center of the Earth 10. The Bearded Clam
5. Mike's Skin Hammer 11. Rump the Foreskin
6. Gumby Goes to Heaven  


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