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The Mourning Sickness
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Skin Head Ate
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They wouldn't have beat him if he hadn't done something wrong

Skin Head ate doughnuts; he lives in your town
He might wear a badge; he might wear a crown
Creeps down the ally, with mace in his hand
Looking for you, beneath the trash cans

A little too small, not many friends
Signs with the force, he must make amends
Beating up “punks,” he shows no remorse
He keeps the streets safe for you, of course

Some say they're harmless, some say their rough
Even Punk Rockers are scared of these toughs
To serve and protect is what they all claim
Living breeds violence, fearing no shame


When Darth Vader enters the scene, we are supposed to shrink away in fear.   But what about those Rebels: A society based upon slavery in the form of Droids, and an aristocratic leadership filled with princes and princesses.   What?   Are we supposed to give up the far more egalitarian empire for a return to feudalism?

With lights flashing, sirens a blaze
They'll start a riot, there will be no escape
Please don't complain about the badges and the guns
Amidst the tear gas, they're just having fun


Skin Head ate doughnuts, he lives in your town


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