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The Mourning Sickness
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Falling from the sky faster than sound
Never hear the screams as the bombs touch the ground
Kicking it back at the officers' club
3,000 dead, not a bad day's rub

Boy I'm glad I don't live over there
Tons of rubble ® piled up everywhere
Bombs of freedom don't mean a whole lot
When your family's dead, and you ain't got squat

SUVs need lots of gas
Killing Arabs is such a blast
Lose an office building every now and then
A small price to pay to fill the coffers again


Average American:   Boy George?
Boy George:   Yes, Average American who has to work for a living
Average American:   Do you really want to hurt me?   Do you really want to make me cry?
Boy George:   Yes, yes I do.


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