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The Mourning Sickness
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Me and her went to the bank
She said we had a deposit to make
We Put our coins in a great big jar
Set it on the counter, we are going to go far

The clerk Looked at us, said, “This ain't gonna happen.
      “Your souls are filled with pus.   Your will is blackened.
      “Get back on the street where you both belong.
      “We're the ones who count.   You're just bums.”

So we went down to the local mission
The priest set us down, and said, “You both just listen:
      “The meek are the ones who will inherit the earth.
      “Here's the Draino ® for the sink.   Pour it in, it works.”

It goes down
Round and round
There's something down in it

Me and her went back to the bank
This time it's a withdrawal we will make
I put a little gun to the pretty clerk's head
I pulled the trigger, and it all went red

We ran out the door with a bundle of cash
Went to lower downtown where the money flows fast
We ate a big steak, and a lobster too
But with all this cash, what are we gonna do?

So we went to the priest who said, “You both just listen:
      “You are the meek, and now you have a mission.
      “We will make an investment to inherit the earth.
      “There's a clog in the sink, but the Draino ® it works.”

It goes down
Round and round
I can see the bottom

Me and her went back to the bank
We had a great big deposit to make
A million dollars in a great big jar
“Oh, please come in.   You have come so far.”

They kissed our feet, our hands, our face
They kissed our assets, and our big briefcase
We signed the papers of the American Dream ®
Just a tiny part of God's Great Scheme ®

Because God ® is the one who makes me happy
Makes it fun, and makes it snappy
We are the meek who inherited the earth
You just need a plan and a little bit of work

And the priest he takes just ten per cent
With a can of Draino ® we circumvent
The clog in the sink that filled our hearts
The whirlpool's formed as we depart

It goes down
Round and round
There's nothing left in it

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