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The Mourning Sickness
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Gender Trouble
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My baby went to work today.  
I don't know what I am.
Am I supposed to be a woman, or am I just a man?
She wears pants all day long, and they're not even tight.
And I just sit here.  
My hair is such a fright.

I think I am in gender trouble
Identity abnegation
Masculinity dissociation
I want to be what I am supposed to be
Epideictic as a beauty queen
But hiding all from everyone who needs me

She goes out all day long, never wears a dress.
I have no aspirations.  
I am really quite content.
I can do the laundry, and make the breakfast too.
She goes out in my boxers, but everyone thinks it's cool.

When I go out I like to wear a dress.
But it can be dangerous.  
To that I must confess.
So I prefer to wear some silky pantyhose,
Hidden in my trousers where no one else will know.

Boy, I'm glad I'm 6' 3”
No one else could guess.
Am I supposed to be a woman, or am I just a mess?
I know I pee standing up, and this should keep me tough.
But what they say a man is, I've really had enough.


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