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The Mourning Sickness
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Fog, inside brain
Burns off
Memories shine on thru
The daze
Stare at morning dew
Tequila haze
Drinking to
Forget the things
I should have done
You're skin in youthful glow

Sit and cry
Lament death
Beneath a huge rainbow
On my porch
Looking up
I her some children playing
Lift my head
Death is standing there
Wandering where
Where my life has gone

All alone he waits to drag me off
Mad-full glee
My nerves are shot, I shut my eyes
I try to plea
Excuses for my lies
Judgement day in my eyes
Death's gone away
Sit, sit and draught on more shot

Inside my head
Clot bursts
Grab at life with all my might
Racing on
To the unknown
Run through my brain
Scenes of joy
Peace within
Full of bing an buzz
I see the frowns
Looking down on me

Freedom now
Free from all
Earthly ills, surviving
Salad bars
Exercise, Pills
God had found me
Pray to him
Most every day
He stays my misery
Keeps my fears at bay
When I see myself


Now, now he's nice
On a low fat diet
Walking home
From therapy
Bludgeoned in a riot
Blood runs down
Poor Burt, poor Burt
He's healthy but now
Now he's dead

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