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The Mourning Sickness
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Consummation Row
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Feeling so depressed
Lonely and erect
I think I'll go down to the bar and have a drink
Hanging upside down
She's the only one around
I think I found myself the one I want to sink

Beauty in retreat
Beauty is revealed
Timeless thoughts I speak
Flattery concealed

So I sit right down
All the men gather around
Through their eyes, her ass, their horniness does peak
Penetrating gaze
She pushes them away
She'll talk to me, but I might be married, I think


I saunter up with a glass in my hand
Shirt unbuttoned to show you my tan
I am so handsome, can I take you home?
I'll pour you a drink, and show you my bones

So she says to me,
“That guy just said to me,
‘You have the nicest ass that I have ever seen.'”
I try to act alarmed
The crassness of his charms
But I take a peek, and it yearns and burns in me


So we talk and laugh
Kick a bunch right back
Blurry-eyed I keep the dogs at bay
Little did I know
That was her only goal
How vain to think her honor was mine to take


Hey there, handsome, can I take you home?
You're looking tight, is that muscle-shirt on loan?
I can tell by your way that you are really kind
And if you're not very big, you can slip in behind

Back the next day
Hoping she will say
How fun it was to talk and build esteem
Her hand waves me away
She found a man to play
Jealousy deepens my mistake

Beauty is revealed
Aggressively it peaks
Timeless thoughts repealed
Loneliness concealed

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