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The Mourning Sickness
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Jesus Fish
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I've got a jesus fish on my BMW
Enough joy in my heart for each and every one of you
I even like queers, human rights reasoning
Unless they mess with Celestial Seasonings
I'm against all sorts of racist packaging
But on boxes of tea, it's really happening
I'm always first in line to take a stand
With god on our side, we will rule the land

I might have come from Eugene, Oregon
Or perhaps Berkeley, California
I could even be from Boulder, Colorado
I'm so good I could never be accused of being shallow

I'm really informed, listen to NPR
I fired four employees today, I heard it in my car
I really like fish, let's save the dolphins
Ozone and acid rain will put us in a coffin
I never buy furs, or dangerous baby food
Jesus was a capitalist, I ain't no fool
I've got a jesus fish on my BMW
Get out of the road, or I'll put it right of top of you

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