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The Mourning Sickness
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Chester Gets a Rivet
© Enjoy Your Symptom Records, all rights reserved worldwide (ASCAP).

Chester on a pickup truck
Chester is drunk ass fuck
Chester broke his own head
He fell off of the truck bed

There he goes, making a show now
There he goes, taking it slow now
There he goes, taking a bow now

Chester's got a rivet on Tuesday
Chester's got a rivet for free
Chester's got a rivet in his head
Why me?

Chester's riding in the back
Chester's drinking lots of jack
Pickup hits a big old bump
Chester's head is in a lump

Chester gets a big attorney
Wheels him in on a gurney
Chester buys a Cadillac
Now he's drinking real cognac

Chester down at old Joe's bar
Is that my girlfriend in his car?
Showing off his cranial capacity
Time o test my fistic elasticity

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